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Setting up my 128 liter / 34 gal tank

Here you are able to see how I did setup my 128 liter / 34 gal tank

The tank when i started
Here you see the tank when I started

The first thing was to place the tank
somewhere in my computer room.
The tank on it's place, totally empty
The gravel I used for this tank, 35 kg Then I had to wash 35 kg. of gravel
around 0.8 mm - 1.2 mm in diameter
This is absolutly the most borring part when
setting up a new tank
To clean the gravel I put 5 kg. into a bucket. Add some water and keep turning it around a few minutes. A bucket with 5 kg. gravel
Bucket of gravel and dirty water If the water looks like this, you need to wash it again
A had to make a modification to the lightcase I got with the tank. It was made for normal bulbs, Not for Flourescent Bulbs, which i wanted to use Light case
Light case And the other end of the light case
The coils for each flourescent tube, i placed on top of the case, to prevent over heating and because there was no room for them :-) Flourescent coils
128 Liter with lights on To be sure that you believe me, here is a picture
of the tank with light on

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