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Plant Search Engine history

History of Plant Search Engine

Date Changes
18-Aug-2000 Fixed a small font error
22-Feb-2000 Did fix a small error. Where you would get a false search result, if only selecting minimum height or width.
23-Jan-2000 The Netscape problem has been fixed, including the special Mac Netscape problem
16-Jan-2000 Fixed an error, If you selected only 'Low light = low' you wouldn't get any search results :( Problem fixed
15-Jan-2000 Finaly i have solved the dreaded problem with older versions of Netscape
The new version of the Search Engine will be testet a few days, then put online
01-Jan-2000 Added some text to the ouput window, if there was no search result
30-Dec-1999 Fixed an error, where you would not get a search result, if you had the MIN value to be larger than the MAX value. Now the Engine does not care.
29-Dec-1999 Fixed an small error in tha data of Glossostigma elatinoides
28-Dec-1999 Plant Search Engine online for the first time in the full working version 1.0

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