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January 2000

WOW a beatifull tank Wow

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This is my 140 gallons akvastabil aquarium, it was set-up for the first time in august 1999.
Back then I tried to add as much plants as possible to begin with.
Some of the plants was Hygrophilia polysperma, Ludwigia repens, Echinodorus bleheri and Hygrophilia stricta.
As a substrate I used 4 mm. sand mixed with clay.
As lightning I had 3 bulbs and after 1 month I put 5 bulbs (3 Philips 950 , 2 Philips 965) over it, the plants grew like mad,
Now I have changed almost every of the fast growing types, and added some more difficult plants, they grow very well too.
I use CO2 and find it very important when growing plants that needs much light and nutrition.
A cheap method is the Diy CO2 It works great!
In the beginning I got a lot of algae in the tank, but after a period of 2 months, the aquarium started to be in
balance and I never saw the algae again.
The set-up is a community tank, and I have a lot of different fishes in it.
I have had some breeding, despite of the high fish level. Discus, apistogramma cacatoides
and dwarf gouramies have breed successfully in this tank.
My 6 congo tetra have also spawn, but their eggs will always be eaten up, not by parents but by other species.

Fish population
-6 congo tetra (4 males / 2 females)
-20 Hemmigrammus rhodostomus
- 6 Apistogramma cacatoides( 1 male / 5 females)
- 2 Apistogramma agazissi (pair)
- 2 Dwarf gouramies (pair)
- 3 P. ramirezi (1 male/ 2 females
- 2 Ancistrus (pair) - 6 Corydoras julli
- 10 Corngelia striata
- 2 botia macrantha
- 6 e. siamensis

Other fishes I have in other tanks
- 2 red/turquoise discus (pair)
- 2 Blue diamond discus ( 6 months old)
- 2 Apistogramma agazissi
- 20 Apistgramma cacatoides fry. 1 months old.
- Some otocinclus

-Hygrophilia stricta( growing to fast/to big)
-Rotala wallichii (beatiful plant)
-Micranthemun micranthoides(grows like weed)
-Microsorum (javafern)
-Crinum natans
-Crinum thaianum
-Cryptocoryne balansaee
-Cryptocoryne willisi
-Glossostigma elantoides(growing fast)
-Ludwigia repens(growing fast)
-Limnophilia sessiflora. (growing very fast)
-Vesc. d (javamose)
-Hygrophila synnema
-Echinodorus tennelus By the way, the temp in my tank is 26.

Aquarium info
Lightning:2* Philips 965,3 * Philips 950
Substrate:Firtst a layer of 4mm gravel,
then a layer of clay balls,
on top a layer of 2-3mm gravel,
the hole layer is about 5cm in front, and 10 cm at the back.
Heating:none, at daytime its 26, and at night the temp stays at 24.
Co2: Diy method, with 10 liter bottle with sugar and yeast. The tubing is attached to the inlet of the eheim canister filter.
Filtration: 2x eheim canister filters.
GH: 4 KH: 4 pH: 6.8
Water changes:10% 1-2 times a week.

When i must change a group of plant that has become old, i vacumeclean the substrate with a hose,
and then put new clayballs in it.
Then new shoots are ready to be planted.

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