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February-Marts 1999

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My tank is 35 gal. It has been up since October 98 when I got into the hobby.
Fish: 2 angelfish, 3 gouramis(opaline, platinum and golden), 2 small clown loaches,
3 platies, female betta and a lonely bleeding heart tetra(angels ate the other 3 when they were small).
Plants: amazon swords, sagittaria, hygrophila, hornwort, aponogeton crispus.
Will get some more plants soon. I keep the temp. at 78-79 F.

I also have a 10 gal.
This one is up since December 98.
Plants: Banana plants, hygrophila, hornwort and scarlet hygrophila(which does not grow very well :( )
Fish: neon tetras, otos and a male betta.

My homepage is actually about budgies(undulat in Swedish). http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Valley/3158
I come from Estonia - not that far from Denmark :). But I live in Canada right now.

Angelfish Angelfish Gourami Gourami
Gourami Gourami Gourami Tank
Tank Tank Gourami Mpeg video of Cardinal Tetras

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