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My favorite links to other Aquaria Webpages

Disky's Freshwater Homepage Banner
Tropica Logo A great aquatic gardener
Eheim Logo The filter company Eheim
Dupla Logo The company behind the book 'The optimum aquarium'
Tetra Logo Tetra's Homepage
ADA logo Takashi Amano and his beautifully tank
Fishroom Logo IRC Undernet #fish channel homepage
Dennerle Logo A German aquaristic company
Aquaria water test page A site about making your own water test for you tank
Aqualink Logo The aqualink Homepage
Aquanet The Aquanet homepage with a good SW DIY section
AquaWorld The AquariumWorld magazine Homepage
Bede verlag logo The German Bede Verlag Homepage
The Krib The famous The Krib homepage
AGA The Aquatic Gardeners Association Homepage
Aquaria web pages Some nice Aquaria pages at Caltech
Vectra Point The English Publisher of Amano's Magazine
Fish Index The Master Index of Freshwater Fishes
Minnesota Aquarium Society The Minnesota Aquarium Society
BrineShrimpImport A company selling Shrimps
Ever So Slightly A private fish Homepage
The age of aquariums A page about some very beautiful aquariums. With many pictures
Aquaworld Aquaworld a site about Cichlids
John Pitney's Aquatic Web Site A great site about keeping nicely planted tanks
AquaWeb AquaWeb Fish Resources
Saul's micro reef What about a 10g micro reef tank, just follow the link
Glenn Barrett's Fish Page Glenn Barrett's Freshwater homepage
Catfish A great site about Catfish
Toshiro's Banner A homepage made by my #Fish friend Toshiro
Joe Andersons Aquaria Homepage A great webpage, with a personal 'Optimum aquarium' idea
Banner Good large homepage
Blue Ram site banner The Blue ram site
Bazworld The Bazworld homepage
A danish Aquarium page it's in Danish
A danish Aquarium page (it's in danish) A danish aquarium page in Danish
Aquariumsite Banner Great collection of aquarium links
Fishindex The fishindex
Dutch Aquarium banner The dutch aquarium
Banner The Aquatic Site
A personal Homepage with good pictures and information
{short description of image} Jan Stubbe's danish webpage
Banner Cool fish webpage
Kribensis A page about the Kribensis Species
Norwegian Diskus Page Diskus page written in Norwegian
Many great pictures
German Aquaium Club German page for a Aquarium club
FishIndex The Fish Index
Banner Many very good tank pictures
Banner Aquabotanic a good resource site
A aquatic information site
Fish site A good fish site
Greg's Aquatic Engineering Good site about controlling and building your own tank/pond
Angelfish site A good site about keeping and breeding angelfish
Excellent page about Discus fish. It's in danish
Aquainn banner The AquaInn. Good information about starting a tank. And also good pictures
The AQUAGUIDE software Excellent Aquarium software:
Freeware aquarium software with many cool features and fish/plant/disease libraries.
Clear Water journal banner The Clear Water Journal homepage
banner The Tropical Fish Centre homepage. Has test of equipment and more
banner Robyn's fishy page, here you can find information about your fish.
Norwegian Aquascaping deluxe The most beatifull tanks in Norway. His tank has been Tank of the Month !! Visit
www.members.tripod.com/~DTHEOHARIS A new aquarium page
Not catfish logo Excellent fish information site, except cat fish :-)
http://www.SeaMe.com The SeaMe homepage
http://www.akva-net.subnet.dk A danish electronic aquarium newspaper
A Piranha homepage
A Tropical aquarium webpage
http://home.earthlink.net/~pteipe A good aquarium webpage
En Akvarieside hvor du finder artikler om mange fisk
A danish aquarium page
http://www.geddetandkarpen.dk3.com A danish aquarium page
http://www.zestweb.com/ A discus webpage
http://geocities.com/goldenboydude Another fish page
http://www.worldfishlink.com/ A fine fish page
http://www.lassechristiansen.subnet.dk/ A danish fish page
http://www.larz.esenet.dk/akvarie A danish fish page
http://hjem.get2net.dk/kt-fish/ A danish fish page
http://www.geocities.com/tzoneph/cichlid/cichlid.htm Another auqarium page
http://paul.aaquaria.com/Enter.html Nice aquarium plant page
http://welcome.to/fildiscus A discus page
http://www.addfish.co.uk/ Another fish page
A discus page
http://www.regiocom.ch/TropicFishCenter/ Another fish page
http://www.easylife.nl/ Aquatic company
Another danish webpage
Aquatic Plant Central A new website about aquatic plants

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