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My personal data

My name is Soren Reinke Petersen.
I am 27 years old
I am a electronic technician from the Royal Danish Airforce
At the moment I am studying Data Engineering in my home town Sonderborg in Denmark

I have been interested in Aquariums since I was around 8-10 years old. After I had visited the Danish Aquariums near Copenhagen
But I didn't get my own tank before I was 12. (a 40 gal fresh water tank)
But I only had this tank for around 1 year (my father did get tired of taking care of it, because I only wanted to look at the fish)

But I have only been really into it the last 2 years.
First I got a 15 gal tank, when I was working on the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic
My plants was doing very well, so was the fish. The water up there was great because there was absolutely not calcium in it.

The 66 gal tank I have now. is about 1.5 years old. The beginning was very hard, because of some bad advise from the local fish shop.
He told me only to use gravel around 5-8mm big, no laterite in the gravel. And it was okay to put fish in it after 2 days.
After around 3 months every single plants except my anubias was dead. And i nearly gave up.
But i got a after school job, and i bought plants (from my another local fish shop, the plants were from Tropica DK ) for the whole tank again. And I am pretty pleased with it.
So at the moment I am still stuck with the large gravel in my tank. But when I have time for it, I certainly will redo the whole tank.

I will use 1-2mm gravel, with laterite in it, wait until the tank is cycled before adding fish, except for algae eaters.

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