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How to take pictures of your tank

How come not many people take pictures of their tank??

Actually I don't know, I have always enjoyed taken pictures of a lot of different things, including my freshwater tank.

Here is how I do:

Using my Nikon F-50 SLR camera with a 35-80 mm lens

  • I use a tripod, to prevent shaking of the camera.
  • I always uses Kodak Gold ASA 400 films. Because I like the colors I get, and also it's pretty light sensitive.
  • Normally I don't need to use a flashlight, but if I have to I always take the picture in an angle to prevent that the flash reflects in the glass.
    Here you can see what happens if you catch the reflection of the flash.
    A picture with flash reflection

    In my opinion that sure doesn't look very nice.

Here are some examples of pictures I have taken with this camera:
Sorry still need to find them first :-)

Using my Digital Camera
Sony Mavica MDC-5

Taking pictures of my tank with this camera is quite easy. I simply just do it.
It's quite light sensitive, so I never had the need to use the flashlight.
And the best part is, the pictures get saved in JPG in 640*480 pixels, directly to a 3.5" diskette which I just insert to my PC.
Since I got this camera I haven't taken one single picture of my tank with the Nikon.
Here are some examples of pictures taken with that camera:
A picture from my Digital Camera A picture from my Digital Camera A picture from my Digital Camera

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