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250 liter / 66 gal tank diary

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10-May-98 10-May-98 17-May-98 18-May-98
28-May-98 09-Jul-98 22-Jul-98 Before trimming
250 liter
After trimming
20-Oct-98 13-Dec-98 09-Aug-99
250 liter      

16-Dec-98 Added a Hydrol Crystal R20 internal filter (900 liter / hour) to my tank. Because I had a lot of particles floating around in the water. Guess it's because I let my Eheim run for a very long time, so it works a bit like a biological filter.
13-Dec-98 I know, I haven't updated this diary for a long time. But this semester is pretty time consuming. But the next one won't be, so please look forward to next year. I am going to do a complete make-over of this homepage. And add a few new features
  • Section about my wife's 10 gal tank (heavily planted)
  • How I am trying to do some sort of aquascaping of my newly bought 34 gal tank
  • My first experience with Apistogramma Cacatuoides
  • And other thinks
About 2 month ago I got a handful of Riccia Fluitans, which I just put into my tank. And it has been growing a lot since. It takes up about 1/2 of the surface of my tank. I am going to use it to aquascape my 34 gal tank.
25-Oct-98 Today I got a new tank, a cute little 128 liter / 34 Gal.
I will try to breed Apistogramma Cacatuoides in this tank.
But it will take at least a month before I will start with it.
20-Oct-98 Sorry it has been a long time since, last I added something to the diary. I was to busy in school.
Today I made a 25% water change in my tank, and also cleaned the glass of algae.
11-Aug-98 Today I got my Reverse Osmosis system. So now I finally have a way to lower the hardness of my water. The next problem is, were do I keep a 200 liter bucket in my apartment???
01-Aug-98 Water change, and also a large trimming of some of my plants.
I has to remove my Ludwigia glandulosa, because it wasn't getting enough light.
I also had to cur down the Hydrocotyle leucocephala simply because it had grown to big. (I mean very big)
Here you can see the water surface before the trimming, A picture of the water surfaceA picture of the surface
22-Jul-98 Did a complete set of water tests today
pH °KH °GH NO3 mg/l NO2 mg/l PO4 mg/l Ammonium mg/l Cu mg/l Fe mg/l
7.0 14 14 10 <0.1 0.5 0.5 0 0
Looks fine except, the water is very hard. But I am soon going to buy a Reverse Osmosis machine (I hope)
The Fe (Iron) is to low. But I use Master Grow twice as much as the product says I should. But I have spoken to Tropica, and they say it's okay.

As you can see on the picture of my tank, my Hydrocotyle leucocephala (right site of tank) is growing like crazy. I soon have to cut it down again.
Also my Echinodorus Schluteri's 'kids' are also growing very well. My biggest problem is I have nowhere to put them.
18-Jul-98 Did a minor waterchange, mostly to remove some sort of algae soup. On the water surface
09-Jul-98 Normal water change, and a lot of trimming
My Micrantemum Umbrosum had grown to big, and because the bottom of the plant hadn't got enough light.
I removed it completely from the tank

My Hydrocotyle leucocephala grows like crazy
Some of the plants were so big I cut them in half, and planted them instead of the Micrantemum Umbrosum
28-May-98 Today I did normal water change.
But I also had to cut a lot of plants down, simply because they grow like crazy.
18-May-98 Did some playing around with my camera.
17-May-98 Today it was time for trimming some of the plants. And I also did change my 75 liters of water.
I know it looks a bit weird with a floating Anubias in the middle of the tank. But tomorrow I am selling it, in my aquaria club.
10-May-98 This weekend I have borrowed a pH meter from my school.
Just before the light goes off the pH was 7.26
Just before the light goes on the pH was 7.03
I am not sure if this is to large a difference, but I think if I did turn of my CO2 at night the change would be even bigger. Please correct me if I am wrong
07-May-98 I bought a 30 Watt Triton light for my tank today, the light is much brigther now, looks great. After around 2 hours, the plants closest to the lights started to bubble with Oxygen.
06-May-98 Today I bought my own Digital Camera, a Sony. So now I don't have to borrow a digital camera anymore.
05-May-98 I borrowed a pH-Meter from my school today, it said 7.26 pH around 18.00
28-Apr-98 Again today I did some test on my water, my normal test strips showed:
pH °KH °GH NO3 mg/l NO2 mg/l
7.8 14 15 10 0
But a Tetra Liquid pH test said the pH was around 7.0, this is a bit weird.
I also bought 6 Kuhlii Loaches for my tank
26-Apr-98 Today is the first time I measure the water in my rebuilt tank.
pH °KH °GH NO3 mg/l NO2 mg/l
7.6 18 15 12 0
26-Apr-98 Today I visited Tropica a very large aquatic plants gardener in Denmark.
I took a lot of pictures of the company and the plants pictures

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