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My trip to Tropica

The 26-Apr-98 I visited Tropica Northern Europes largest aquatic gardener

I went there with my local Aquaria Club
At Tropica we were guided by Claus Christensen the vice manager at Tropica Aquarium Plants , who showed us the facilities, and told us a lot of tips about the different species of plants.

Air photo of the company

Here you see a picture taken from the air of the whole company

First we were split up into 2 groups, because else it would have been to crowded.
So I started with eating my lunch (great because I was hungry!)
After that we sat in a nice green area, with lots of 'normal' green plants.

A very small tank :-)

There was even a 'small' tank here

There was also a little pond with their pet animal in it, a little turtle. Which actually was trying to chase one of my friends

Their local pet

A picture of there pond and pet animal

While needing to use some time I found this large quantity of Master Grow fertilizer


You sure need a large tank for this amount of fertilizer

Packing facility

Their packing facility

When the first group was done, it was our time to be shown around by Claus

Here is a lot of pictures showing their different tanks with plants.

Glossostigma Elantionoides

Glossostigma elatinoides

Echinodorus bleheri

Echinodorus bleheri


I am not sure what plant this is

Echinodorus bleheri

Echinodorus bleheri

Hygrophila difformis

Hygrophila difformis

Plants on roots

I just love this way to have plants, growing on a lava rock or tree root. I actually bought one for my wife's 54 liter tank.

Echinodorus Rubin Echinodorus 'Rubin'
A picture of a greenhouse One of their greenhouses
Not sure which plant Another plant
Plants And some more plants

In one of their offices they had this beautifully tank

Office tank Office tank Office tank Office tank

I don't know what plants they use in this tank.
But I could see that they used a Gravel Heater, and CO2.
I sure hope my tank would get so beautifully some day.

After we god home, I went straight to my local Aquaria shop to buy some plants for my new tank.

Follow this link to see what I bought.

I would like to thank Claus Christensen for having the time to show us around.
And also for helping me with identifying the plants on the pictures
And also for letting me take pictures there.

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